Thursday, March 25, 2010

USDA's People's Garden

Remember last year when Michelle Obama made a big splash with her White House garden?  Well, Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack wanted his garden, or at least a "People's Garden" (he's too young to remember the 1950's China).  His loyal troops tore up some ground near the ivory tower, as Chet Adell used to call the Administration Building back in 1968, although I don't remember whether it was lawn or parking lot.  They blogged about it last year and posted better records than the White House on production.  But the blog has been quiet.  Since I tweaked the White House about getting our peas in the ground earlier than they, I wondered how the USDA garden was doing this year.

The bad news--you can't see much.  At least not much if you don't tweet. (As I don't.)  But they are using Twitter to update on progress and I gather they planted their peas last Friday.  Congratulations to them, both for beating Michelle and for getting into Web 2.0. And for their disgusting raised beds,

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