Thursday, March 11, 2010

Persistence, or Just Showing Up

Who was it who said: "most of life is just showing up"?  Well Sen. Lincoln keeps showing up, and the latest bill passed by the Senate includes her disaster provisions (from Farm Policy):

Also added to the bill is a $1.5 billion disaster aid package for the 2009 crop year being pushed by Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark. Farmers would be eligible if they suffered a crop disaster or are located in counties declared disaster areas that had at least one crop suffer a 5 percent yield or quality loss due to the disaster, the bill states. Payments would equal up to 90 percent of the farmers’ direct payments for 2009.”


Richard Silliker said...

Who was it who said: "most of life is just showing up"?

I just had to answer. Woody Allen. However he said; "90 percent of life is just showing up"

Email me as to how I can claim any prize.


Bill Harshaw said...

Thanks for the answer, however, to win the prize you must answer this question: who said life is not about prizes, life is about process? :-)