Friday, May 27, 2011

Acreage Crop Reporting Streamlining Initiative--InfoAg

First heard of this in the USDA response to E.O. 13563.  It's to be discussed at the meeting in July, by Michael Scuse. As a matter of fact,he's the opening speaker.  This is on the website:

The Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services (FFAS) mission area is considering a review of process improvements that could be achieved through the consolidation of information required to participate in farm programs administered by the Farm Service Agency and the Federal Crop Insurance Program administered by the Risk Management Agency. FFAS is interested in hearing from the public on how best to simplify and standardize, to the extent practical, acreage reporting processes, program dates, and data definitions across the various USDA programs and agencies. FFAS also welcomes comments on how best to develop procedures, processes, and standards that will allow producers to use information from their farm-management and precision-ag systems for reporting production, planted and harvested acreage, and other key information needed to participate in USDA programs. These process changes may allow for program data that is common across agencies to be collected once and utilized or redistributed to agency programs in which the producer chooses to participate. It also may provide a single Web site for producers to report commodity information if they so choose, or access their previously reported information.
 I suggest Googling the title. (It looks to me as if MIDAS has been at least impacted, if not overtaken, by other initiatives, those coming from higher levels.  That's an occupational hazard of bureaucratic initiatives.

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