Friday, March 05, 2010

The Embrace of the Right

In today's Post, two conservative thinkers embrace the Obama administration's policies--Mr. Kagan on foreign policy and Mr. Gerson on education policy.  Toss in the possibility of a compromise on Gitmo and trying KSM in the civilian court system and the left will see Obama as running to the right.

As for me, I'm not terribly concerned about any of the above.  Some of the changes reflect lack of political support, some lack of realism about the world while campaigning, and some the more conservative side of his campaign. The "trick" for political leaders is to tack back and forth while still progressing towards their goals, to evoke a metaphor from reading Horatio Hornblower novels.  And so long as the choice on the Republican side runs from Mitt to Sarah, Obama has lots of running room.

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Walter Jeffries said...

I like that metaphor. As we observe in our family, the pendulum swings back and forth - the hope is it never gets pushed too far. A government with any hard line majority is terribly dangerous. We vote to confuse - be it Republican or Democrat. A mixed up government is more likely to produce less legislation and better legislation.