Monday, September 26, 2011

Great Untold Story: James Angleton's Offspring

James Angleton was the long time head of counter-intelligence for the CIA.  Some say he was paranoid about moles in the CIA; others say he was right. 

Anyway, his widow's obituary was in the Post this morning--sounds as if she was an interesting person in her own right: a history scholar and a poet with several volumes published.  But what struck me was this final paragraph:
Survivors include three children, James C. Angleton of Los Angeles, Guru Sangat Kaur Khalsa of Great Falls and Siri Hari Kaur Angleton-Khalsa [emphasis added]of Espanola, N.M.; two grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.
How does one connect these dots, particularly when you throw in the fact that in the CIA, dominated by Ivy Leage WASPs in his time, he was apparently half-Hispanic, albeit a Yalie and a poet?


Anonymous said...

Angleton's wife and children converted to Sikhism. See, e.g.,

The children's names (Kaur/Khalsa) are both Sikh surnames, i.e. they are connected with the Faith.

Bill Harshaw said...

Thank you--the Architectural Digest piece adds even more complexity to the story. Wikipedia shows a lot of writing about Angleton, much of it fiction. Wonder how broad a scope they have.

DavidLJ said...


Interesting. I had always wanted to meet Angleton, but by the time I got around to asking a mutual friend to get us together for a drink or something it was 1993, and he had been six years dead.

The tit-bit is, the friend I asked was having his house painted the day we were together. The house-painter was a white Anglo-Waspy Sikh. Yer normal average button-down Harvard or Yalie type, only with a turban.