Monday, March 22, 2010

Now It's the Bureaucrats' Turn

Now health care reform has passed, it's the job of the bureaucrats to get to work.  My fervent hope is Obama and Sebelius are worrying about it already. (I have my doubts--politicians don't usually worry about nuts and bolts and implementation, particularly charismatic politicians, which I guess we can call Obama one again, now he's got a big victory.) If I were them I'd hire some people from MA who implemented Romneycare plus arm twist Mark McClellan into returning to government.  McClellan is the guy in the Bush administration who implemented Medicare Part D very successfully, given that the Dems were very much on the warpath as it was passed and in its early days.  But as time passed the criticism vanished, which is a good indication that McClellan is an effective bureaucrat.  There's nothing like having a bit of experience before starting a big job.

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