Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama, the Fly, and Ford

By now everyone has heard Obama killed a fly during a TV interview. This post is typical, even citing PETA's reservations. But there's something I haven't seen commented on, something which reminded me of Jerry Ford.

The story goes that shortly after moving into the White House his dog did his business in the Oval Office. A Navy steward moved to clean it up, and Ford told him: "No, no man should have to clean up after another man's dog." I like that, I like it very much.

So what did Obama do: after a bit of repartee with the camera crew and staff, the last bit they showed on Lehrer last night was the President using a tissue to pick up the dead fly to dispose of it. Not quite on the same level as Ford's action, but IMHO it showed the same instinct of taking responsibility for one's personal actions. Of course, that didn't make Ford a great President, but it sure made the commentary at his funeral. (Google: Jerry Ford cleaning up after dog).

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