Saturday, February 28, 2009

Reducing Base Acreage on Federally Owned Land

Here's an article about a change in rules by FSA. I'm not clear on the details. Here's the notice. I remember Mississippi had a bunch of leased land, maybe Corps of Engineer land, maybe between the river and the levee (what's that song--the chevy and the levee) ONe of the big problems in administering a nation-wide program is the variation in timing--different states have different times at which leases change, sometimes, perhaps always governed by laws. It may be DC thought Dec 2008 was early enough, but it may not have been for Mississippi.

In the old days, when Jamie Whitten was the head of the House Appropriations Committee (one of the longest serving Congressmen, though I think Dingel just broke his record) one knew the rule would get changed. I'm not clear the current delegation from MS has that much clout. We'll see.

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