Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Feminization of American AGriculuture

Via Ethicurean, the Christian Science Monitor reports women own almost 50 percent of the farmland in Iowa. And they, some of them, have definite expectations for how the land should be farmed, namely with a concern for conservation and the environment. It's a long story. (I wonder if owners these days feel rich enough to be concerned for these issues, as opposed to maximizing return. Or, is it just a feminine thing?)


Sara DownToEarth said...

A disproportionate number of small branded beef companies have been started by women. In the local food community in my area of Texas, women also seem to be the primary partner, more often than not.

I think it is definitely possible that women-dominated ag is more likely to be more broadly concerned with taking care of environment, animal welfare, fair labor etc.

But, then, I suspect I have a biased perpective.

Bill Harshaw said...

Biased, no way.