Tuesday, May 31, 2011

White House Gardening: Clean Sweeps

Here's a link to the White House garden--apparently it's to be harvested this Friday. And it sounds as if they'll be planting corn, squash and beans (the "three sisters" approach of native Amdericans). It seems the White House is sacrificing a bit of good gardening for their PR.  I say "seems" because I'm reading between the lines. My version of "good gardening" would involve planting as you harvest.  But the PR aspects of the garden means you need to have an "event" to attract the media and justify a video, which seems to lead them to harvest as much as they can at one time and replanting all at once. Presumably the kitchen is serving enough people each week they can use a big harvest, which isn't something the ordinary household could do.

In our own garden, we had one broccoli plant bolt early before we caught it. The rest of the broccoli and the cabbages won't be harvested at the   We've got the tomatoes stuck amongst the lettuce and peas (lots of both).  

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