Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Compromise on Voter ID

Seems to me there's a relatively easy compromise available for liberals and conservatives over Voter-ID, which the cons want and libs don't.  Phase in the damn thing (phasing tends to be my solution for many things).  The problem liberals have is that many people don't have photo ID's (like my mother-in-law). So update your voter registration database to show people who do have photo ID's and require them to present them when voting.  For those on the list who don't have ID's, give them one free vote, and offer photo-ID's at the voting station.  In other words, m-o-l shows up to vote, the list shows she doesn't have a photo-ID that's valid, so she can vote but she must get a photo-id before leaving (or at the DMV before the next election) to vote again.

Yes, this is a step towards identity cards for everyone, but I can live with that in exchange for the gains in effectiveness of programs.

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