Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Discrimination Study at USDA

The Post reports USDA got the results of an $8 million study of discrimination yesterday.
The study, which officials described as voluminous, was not distributed. Among its more than 200 recommendations, which were released Tuesday, were suggestions that the agency’s chief diversity officer monitor hiring, that farm service officials be required to “thoroughly” explain reasons for denying loans to minorities and women, and that the USDA mount public relations efforts to change the agency’s reputation by emphasizing its focus on diversity.
I hope the study is better than that paragraph suggests:  I'd think we'd want all loan applicants to understand why their application was denied.

I checked the USDA website--nothing on the report.  I notebut forbear commenting on the fact there have been no FY2010 civil rights reports posted here.  Whatever the Obama administration is doing, they aren't being transparent with those reports.

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