Saturday, April 17, 2010

Those Socialist Scandinavians and Their High Taxes

From the News from 1930 blog:
The old saying "Nothing is sure but death and taxes" takes on new meaning in Denmark. "A recently compiled list of the various taxes made on Danes includes state, county, capital, income, house, ground, church, water, dog, business, radio, beer, alcohol, automobile, document, benzine, snow, inheritance, road, chimney, calendar, movie and legitimate theatres, dancing, amusement and bachelors."
It's obvious from this list that over the next 80 years Denmark must have regressed to being a poor and backward country.

Seriously, for almost all of my rather long life I've heard that high taxes and lots of government is bad for a nation. And the miracle of compound interest is supposed to make small differences grow into large ones.  Yet I don't recognize these theories as having been proved by events in Europe or China, or elsewhere.  Life is, I think, more complicated than the ideologues are likely to admit.  At least it seems so on a beautiful April day.

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