Thursday, April 01, 2010

Michelle Plants Her Garden

Obamafoodorama has two posts on planting the White House garden yesterday.  The first is rather sugary, the second a bit official.  Some comments:

  • The high falutin' White House isn't content with a plain old compost bin; they have to have a bio-recycler (which they hide).
  • They use a lot of starts, both from Monticello and elsewhere. I understand the symbolism of using Jefferson's vegetables, but it's another case of the demands of a public garden overriding what's really the best for gardening. In my puritanical view, you should plant mostly seeds, with very few starts.  But using the starts enables them to have these big public occasions and delegate some planting responsibilities to less skilled gardeners, like the school kids.  Turn kids loose with a bunch of seed packets and soil and the results when seeds sprout will be amazing.
  • I'm really sorry Michelle is planting rhubarb.  I've seen reports that the President has a weakness for pies, and his last medical checkup wasn't all that great.  Rhubarb pie is likely to make us begin to worry about VP Biden's readiness to assume office.  (I have fond memories of my mother's rhubarb pie, and her crusts were rather erratic.  Put her filling into some great crusts and Obama may become as addicted to such pies as he is to tobacco.) 

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