Tuesday, July 21, 2009

White House Garden--First Tomato?

I tried to find a recent update on the White House garden, but the last piece I found was a month ago. Inquiring minds want to know--do they have tomato plants, do they have a ripe tomato yet, is the White House hiding something?


Anonymous said...

I just heard this:

turns out the WH garden is literally dying on the vine, the Cl in ton administration fertilized the lawns with toxic sewage sludge fertilizer and now nothing will grow, and thus, nothing can be certified "organic".

Bill Harshaw said...

It would make a great story if true--a publicized initiative falling flat but I'd take that report with a lot of salt, maybe a ton or so. From the reports I've seen, the lead levels in the garden were 91 ppm, below the 100 ppm level EPA uses for safely growing vegetables. And to the best of my understanding lead wouldn't affect the growth of the vegetables. If anything is dying on the vine, it's because the squash beetles evaded organic measures and got their zucchine.

I do ding the White House for not updating the world on the progress--using Google the latest news I found was the mid-June party. At least some gardeners I know are competitive, and we'd like to see how we match up.