Wednesday, July 01, 2009

An Offer You Can't Say No To

According to the Washington Post, an ex-CIA man has an offer you can't say no to:

"This month, he's providing room and board in his home to a young but experienced worker. In the fall, he hopes to offer young farmers room and board on his land in exchange for farm labor. If that's successful, he aims to solicit several more acres from neighbors to expand the farm. He envisions small tenant houses where young farmers could gain experience and save money to start out on their own. The plan is in the early stages, but Dunlap says his neighbors are supportive in theory." [emphasis added]
Dunlap's 11-acre farm is in Loudoun County, amidst the McMansions. He supplies farmer markets, farming with no tractor if I understand the article.

As the story says:
High prices also make it difficult for those already farming to find workers. Dunlap has been unable to hire full-time help. He has not had a day off since mid-February and puts in about 80 hours a week in the fields.[emphasis added]

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