Saturday, July 05, 2008

Two Southern Products I Couldn't Stomach

Grits and Jesse Helms. I ran into both of them at the same. When my boss sent me to NC in 1969 to learn how the agency really worked, I ate breakfast (and probably supper) at a diner near the motel. Of course I got grits with my eggs, without asking, and the Raleigh TV station had Mr. Helms spouting off about dangers to the American way of life from the radicals in Washington and those who would change the southern way of life. Needless to say, I rejected both: tasteless pap for those with no brains. (Although, to be fair, grits and the "Cream of Wheat" I sometimes had as hot cereal growing up weren't that much different. )

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Ol James said...

Well Howdy Mr. Harshaw, Glad ta met ya!! Now being a pure bred an raised Southern boy in BAMA I am Not to surprised. Grits are an acquired taste, however I truly like them. Now I'll probably agree on the not having much use for Mr. Helms. But my wife's maiden name is Helms tho..but I digress.
Perhaps you should try grits in a different light. The use of sugar, molasses, honey, cheese and other things is not without its merits. You have to be a born and dyed true southerner to eat them with nothing more than salt, pepper and butter,(one of my favorites).
But, then again in all my travels and observations I have discovered that the only folks who don't like grits fit into 3 categories:
1-people born West of the Mississippi River
No harm intended now.