Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Slow Food Nation To Hold Party

Two days in a row--another front page story in the NYTimes, this time on the plans for Slow Food Nation to hold a party for 50,000 people in San Francisco at the end of summer. The idea is for them to break into the mainstream, even partnering with Whole Foods.

The article itself seems fairly even-handed, mixing criticisms of the movement as dilettantish lefty Euro-stuff and descriptions of its efforts. Read it yourself. (I did read the book and wasn't particularly impressed.)

(Personally, for some reason I am reminded of the people who promised to levitate the Pentagon back in 1969, I think it was.)

In a related story, the New Jersey Ramapo tomato is discussed. It's not organic nor heirloom, but it is local to New Yorkers so it's tasty.

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