Monday, July 14, 2008

Megan and the Drivers

Megan McArdle has a controversy going over people who ride bicycles in the city and exactly how much they should obey traffic laws. A bit amusing, as I remember the "law and order" folks back 40 years ago and [unfairly] attribute their views to modern-day libertarians and conservatives.

On a more serious note, the problem with speeding in cars and jaywalking as a pedestrian and exploiting the confusion surrounding the definition of a bicyclist is it's the liberal fallacy, or maybe the rationalist fallacy: the person believes their intellect and grasp of the situation is right and infallible, not allowing for Murphy's Law. (Of course I speed and jaywalk, even though I'm a bureaucrat I'm also human. I'm just saying, particularly for an older person, life has many surprises.)

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