Sunday, January 20, 2008

Are We Ready for This? Changing Mores

Back in my youth, lost amidst the fogs of memory, is the phrase: "Does she or doesn't she?" and the response: "Only her hairdresser knows for sure".

I thought of that this morning as I waited in the supermarket line, and noticed a picture of Ms Clinton on the cover of one of the magazines. She's noticeably blonde.

I also stumbled across this in today's Post:
Clinton's ground troops seeded Las Vegas beauty salons with folders displaying Clinton's hairstyles through her career and declaring, "Worry about your hair. If you don't, someone else will" -- a dig at establishment sexism, Titus said. That issue came even more into focus when MSNBC political talk show host Chris Matthews was forced to apologize for comments that he conceded could have been regarded as sexist and demeaning to Clinton.
And I remember her first hairstyles when in the public eye--seems to me she definitely was not blonde. So she dyes her hair. She's made the choice to be blonde. It fits her boomer personality--in my generation, as the ad suggests, dying one's hair was not something a woman advertised. Nor was it something any man would consider. It was a matter of fakery, dishonesty, meddling with the natural order of things. The boomers changed all that, I guess.

But I'm not sure we're ready for a President who dyes her hair--have we really changed that much?

But of course there was Reagan, but he's not a role model.

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