Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Matter of Voice--Finding It, or Identifying It

Supposedly Hillary has found her "voice." And Romney has found his "voice'. But apparently Obama speaks in different voices, if you can trust our media:

In a steady, soothing tenor, Obama tells voters he is the candidate to unite the nation's fractured political divisions and restore America's good reputation abroad.


Obama's baritone voice filled the open field, shaded by an old willow tree by a little pond. He spoke not only with his voice, but with his hands. And though he is an attorney who took his J.D. at Harvard Law and later taught Constitutional law, his gestures were not those of a trial attorney, binding the jury by casting a spell with a closing argument. Rather, his oratorical gestures were more like those of a preacher conducting a revival and call to baptism down by the river side.


A Newsweek cover story out yesterday gushed that Obama, "tall and handsome and blessed with a weighty baritone, knows how to bring along a crowd while seeming to stay slightly above it." The journalistic scrutiny usually visited on instant front-runners has been replaced by something akin to a standing ovation.
I've heard of two-faced politicians, but not two-voiced.

All joking aside, it's probably significant that news reports do pay attention to Obama's voice. It must be pleasing or impressive.

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