Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jackson Lewis Civil Rights Assessment

I tend to have enthusiasm which I don't follow through on, so fair warning: my current enthusiasm is reading and critiquing the:

Independent Assessment of the Delivery of Technical and Financial Assistance
Contract AG-3142-C-09-0049
―Civil Rights Assessment‖
March 31, 2011
Prepared By:
Jackson Lewis LLP
Corporate Diversity Counseling Group
―Assessment Team‖

This is the report which Sec. Vilsack released this past week.  The press release cited these two items for FSA:

  • Farm Service Agency employees will be required to thoroughly explain to applicants the reasons when they deny loan or program applications and what the applicant can do to improve chances of securing approval in subsequent applications.

  • Farm Service Agency employees involved in the lending and/or outreach processes will learn what assistance they can and cannot provide to customers and potential customers in connection with completing their applications to avoid unequal treatment that could be construed by any customer or potential customer as discriminatory."

  •  Also, the return of Shirley Sherrod ties to this. I'll label posts: "CRA" for civil rights assessment.


    Anonymous said...

    Your readers will enjoy this video: about "Dr" John Boyd

    Bill Harshaw said...

    The video asserts that John Boyd's doctorate was not from an accredited institution. Apparently it's produced by a Lee Stranahan who blogs at the Huffington post. He has some other videos on Pigford. I don't know his background or credibility.