Saturday, October 29, 2016

Weren't Abedin's Emails Synced?

If I understand, the FBI got a PC/smartphone from Anthony Weiner as part of their investigation of his texting and found some of his wife's emails also on the PC/smartphone.  I'm not clear:
  1. did Abedin have an email account on the PC or did she receive/send emails under her husband's account?
  2. if she had a separate email account (most likely) was it different than the account(s) for which she's already turned over emails?
  3. if it was different, was it associated only with the PC or their ISP account or was it a cloud account (i.e., hotmail/yahoo)?
  4. if it was different and unique to the PC/home, did she fail to reveal it to the FBI?
  5. if it was part of a cloud account (i.e., she had one email account which she accessed from different devices, which I assume is probably the most common configuration these days) was the account on the PC synced with the cloud account?
  6. if it was synced, then presumably the FBI should have already seen the emails.
Given the time lapse for Weiner's transgressions, I'm amazed the FBI is just now looking at the PC/smartphone.

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