Saturday, April 28, 2012

Distinguished Lawyer/Bureaucrat: Ralph Linden

According to this Government Executive post, Ralph Linden is one of the USDA winners and one of 54 Presidential  Distinguished Rank Award winners. (If I remember, the "Rank" honors a former bureaucrat Ralph's in OGC--used to be the main attorney for FSA matters. The detail in the story doesn't include a description of his special accomplishments, though I'd suspect it's for his cumulative career. 

A good man.

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Anonymous said...

Good man indeed. As a result of a reorganization within USDA's OGC, Ralph is now as Associate General Counsel for the Environmental Division, meaning he deals mainly with Forest Service and NRCS issues, as well as CCC stuff. Previously he dealt with FSA, FAS, and FNS legal issues. He also spearheaded the reorganization so that was a major accomplishments in and of itself.