Monday, March 05, 2012

FSA Strategic Plan I

The FSA Strategic Plan 2012-16, has been released.  Beginning at  page 35 I'll quote and add emphasis:

"Objective 4.3 Strategies
• Migrate to and leverage integrated Web based solutions.
• Increase security for customers’ personal and financial information.
• Ensure the integrity of posted county price data.
• Modernize reporting capabilities to increase the usefulness and availability of data.
• Increase use of technology to support enterprise wide knowledge management.
• Streamline customer reporting and program application processes.
Expand the customer’s ability to apply for assistance, track programs, and update farming operation information online.
• Standardize program development processes.
• Provide fully integrated geospatial solutions.
• Streamline the disaster designation process and utilize GIS to identify disaster areas quicker and more accurately.

Objective 4.4 Improve Customer Service
Pillar 1 Expand Service Delivery Capabilities
FSA will continue to offer services at its local county offices; however, program and service delivery systems must expand beyond the traditional walk-in local offices. FSA will ensure that customers are aware of e-services available and that these services are easy to use."

Under "Performance Measures for Strategic Goal 4" the unit of measure is "the number of Farm Programs eligible customers may apply for via the internet."  Currently it's 5 percent, the goal is 100 percent.

Seems to me the plan is rather wishy-washy: the idea is to expand the ability  to go online, but without worrying about whether the capability is used.  

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