Monday, February 13, 2012

Government Service from IRS

Recently I had occasion to deal with the IRS (I made a stupid mistake on my 2009 schedule D).  All in all I was pleased with my interactions: one in-person call to the local office, two phone calls.  In all three cases I had to wait, but that's expectable because Congress doesn't fund tax collection as it should.  In all three cases the IRS people were pleasant and competent and the IT systems they had available to them worked well. And, most importantly of course, I finished the series of interactions without owing more taxes.

So, a hat tip to the IRS.

One thing of interest I did note, given the concerns over PPI (Social security number, etc.)  When I went to the office, instead of asking for my SSN I was asked to enter it on a separate keypad--apparently such entry hides the SSN from the employee while authorizing access to one's tax files.  It's an interesting approach.

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