Friday, November 25, 2011

What Lies Ahead

On Black Friday, let me be gloomy and forecast doom over the next few months and years:

  • the Eurozone collapses as the EU continues to be a day late and a dollar short and refuses to take advice from Geithner and Obama
  • Europe goes into recession, which leads us into a period of zero growth
  • the developing nations see their growth slacken, as bubbles pop and exports to the US and Europe, now in recession, decline
  • harvests in South America, Russia and the Ukraine, Australia, China and India are record or near record levels.
  • commodity prices fall because demand from the developing world is depressed and supply has exploded.
  • the farmland price bubble pops and many farmers find themselves overextended.
  • with the US economy in a second recession, the deficit starts really to explode, making it impossible to pass a farm bill because the parties can't agree on anything.
Finished on somber Saturday.  (Not that I think the above will happen, but what do I know.)

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