Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seasonal Dairy?

One of the certainties of my life has been that dairy farmers work harder than other farmers, since they have to milk cows 365 days a year.  Turns out that's not true, you can go with the "seasonal" approach as described by MO extension. (For those not familiar with mammalian milk production, a cow's milk production dwindles slowly as time from when she last gave birth grows. Dairy cows are milked for about 300 days, then "dried off" for the last two months before they give birth again.)  I follow the concept, but it used to be that milk prices were higher in the winter months, when milk supply was lowest, so there was a financial incentive to spread calving times out, not to mention the need to get a monthly milk check.  Things may have changed since I was a boy.

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