Tuesday, September 06, 2011

MIDAS Strawman

I wonder what NASCOE's members thought of the MIDAS strawman (actually "limited preview") at their recent convention. 

I call it "strawman" because it reminded me of the Infoshare strawman Greg Montgomery created back in 1991.  He had a indexing software package which could do hyperlinks as we know them now--remember 1991 was before the advent of World Wide Web browsers. Tim Berners-Lee put the first website up about a month before Greg did his stuff. Anyhow, while Greg couldn't do WYSIWYG interfaces, he was able to model a lot of ASCS operations running on a PC.   Of course, Infoshare, like other similar efforts since, turned out to be a dead end. 

My first reactions to watching a couple of the MIDAS demos is:
  • I like the software which was used to create the demo.
  • Most of my reactions to the actual FSA software being demoed is probably personal feelings along the lines of NIH. 
  • The one really big (as Ed Sullivan used to say) thing I'd raise is: where is the ability for FSA field personnel to discuss and provide feedback?  They can and will point out the problems in what's being developed, and you need that input as early as possible. 
I'll probably have more reaction later if my energy and interest holds up and I don't get distracted.

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