Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Monarch and the President

My wife and I watched a DVD on Windsor Castle last night--very good for Britophiles among us.  But I'm struck this morning by the contrast between an image last night and one this morning. 

Last night the DVD showed the Windsor flag raiser: the man whose job it is to raise Her Majesty's personal flag over the castle whenever she arrives.  So the movie maker shot from the flagraiser's perch atop the tower down to the drive approaching the castle showing the Queen arriving: arriving in two black cars. 

This morning Obamafoodorama has a post on a party the President attended last night, traveling in seven black SUV's. 

So the ratio is 2 to 7, which must tell us something, either about pomp and circumstance, past history of assassinations and attempts, relative power, paranoia, or culture.

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