Sunday, December 27, 2009

SURE: A Christmas Present for Whom?

The regs on the SURE program were published, and FSA issued the notice announcing the start of signup as Jan. 4.

I give FSA management credit for having the handbook published on the same date.  I don't give the Obama administration much credit for their start time--apparently there's not been any training provided and because everyone will be in use or lose status on annual leave, the start of signup will find people trying to play catchup.  (Of course, FSA people are used to that.)

I see by the handbook the program is being implemented using stand-alone Excel worksheets.  I hope the county people have climbed the learning curve on Excel, that this is not the first time such a process is used. 


Anonymous said...

A couple of points:

1) The leave year is over this week so the 4th is the beginning of a new leave year.

2)There was training provided by both Webinar and face to face training last fall.

3) The excel program is a temporary fix to get payments out. All of the data will have to loaded in real software once it gets developed, possibly in a COUPLE OF YEARS. So we will have DOUBLE work.

Stealing from a sign in a Mad Max movie, Speed in software development is just a matter of money, how fast do you want to go?

Bill Harshaw said...

My apologies to FSA management--sounds as if they were on the ball, at least as far as training goes.

I wonder if anyone ever looked at the possibility of running queries against a database to create a file(s) to populate an Excel worksheet.