Saturday, July 15, 2006

Backup--Confessions of a Reformed Sinner

Yes, backup is important. I've had a home computer for over 16 years now and have not regularly backed up. But now I've lost both my new PC and my old (backup) PC. Although the new one is still under warranty, figuring out the problem has been slow. Before they would agree to replace parts I had to agree to reinstall the original software. That is, they restore the original software from the hard drive, wiping all of my programs and data. :-( Not wanting to do that, I had to get a new hard drive and pay to have the data copied from old to new. Now I'm waiting for next week and the arrival of the repair person. Meanwhile my whole routine is disrupted and being very anal, routine is critical to my happiness.

Lesson: backup is worth it.


Anonymous said...

Bill, should have called Kerby Family Computers -

Bill Harshaw said...

You know how some people don't ask for directions when they're lost? That's sort of why. Regardless, I heartily recommend Kerby Family Computers, though

(Since my PC is still under warranty I eventually got the motherboard replaced.)