Monday, February 06, 2006

Now They Admit It

Virginia Democrats suffered from Gilmore's campaign to end the car tax (an annual tax based on value of your car) which was in 1997. He rode the issue to Richmond and the Reps rode it into control of the House of Delegates and Senate. Given the Clinton boom (might as well be partisan today) Gilmore had the surplus to start the process, even though it was obvious that he was digging a hole for the future. Mark Warner had to duck and dodge around the issue to get himself elected in 2001, but made a name by navigating through the Gilmore fiscal mess that resulted when the state went into a recession.

But now, that great organ of enlightened government, the Washington Times carries this piece: Officials sour on car-tax relief�
" 'Frankly, I wish it had never happened, even though I voted for it,' said Senate Majority Leader Walter A. Stosch, Henrico Republican. 'The car-tax program was a wonderful political decision but almost a nightmare for the state and for local governments.' "

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