Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Boomers Want Immortality

At least, that's how this web site strikes me, although one could say the same thing of this blog.
FAQ - MemoryWiki:
"Think of the Future

Your experiences are the stuff of history, literally. You may think 'Who would be interested in my experiences of this or that? Lots of people were there, and everyone knows about what happened.' Well, that's true, for now. But all the people, like you, who are alive today and who bore witness to the significant events of our age, will pass on. Our collective memory -- yours, mine, all of ours -- will go into the great beyond with us, vanishing forever. Over the coming decade, century, and millenium, your experiences will slowly dissappear. The past, they say, is a foreign country -- distant, strange, often unknowable. Unless you have a map. Your memoirs, recorded and shared at MemoryWiki, are that map for future generations. Go ahead. Tell the future how it was to be alive now. Your children, childrens' children and all who follow will want to know. You've got a story. Make it history."


Bill Barrow said...

The city won't give me a permit to build another pyramid and the U.N. frowns on my plans for world conquest, so what other pathway to immortality is left?

Bill Harshaw said...

Well, you could follow Genghis Khan in impregnating women (

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for blogging memorywiki. We can use all the help we can get! Immortality? Well, that would be nice, but that's not really what we're after. What we want is for people--everybody--to record their memories. Give it a try!

You might be interested to know, also, that the people who created the site (other than me) were hardly boomers. Rather, they were all between 18 and 22 (students at American University).

Again, thanks.

Marshall Poe
memorywiki at gmail dot org