Thursday, May 23, 2013

VA, DOD, and Me

Though I'm a veteran, I've stayed away from the VA, not much there for me.

But I've watched with interest through the years, particularly in the pages of the Washington Monthly, as the VA has worked on incorporating computers into their health record system, then later as the DOD and VA have tried and failed, so far, to come up with one health record system which will follow the military person from active duty to the VA hospital to the grave.

In skimming the papers this morning I note DOD Secretary Hagel was getting flak for wanting to study the issue further, someone in Congress said we needed not VA and DOD systems which could interoperate but one system.  Though my bias has always been towards one system, as I've aged I wonder whether that's right.  In my USDA days with Infoshare we were trying to build one system which could serve at least ASCS, FmHA, SCS, and possibly FCIC and Extension.  Needless to say we failed.  The best I understand these days MIDAS is an FSA initiative, with little or no carryover to NRCS, and none to RD.

Maybe back in the day we would have been better off just focusing on file transfers of data, use more brute force and keep interconnections looser rather than tighter.  Certainly with DOD and VA they've spent years and millions and failed.  I don't know.

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