Sunday, June 10, 2007

And How the Neighbors to the North Do It

Apparently as a percentage of net sales for most everything, including ostriches. See this news story and this web site on Canada's Cost of Production program to support farmers.

The process is intriguing--I need to look more at Canada's "supply management" program, which apparently still applies to dairy and poultry. And do they have no local offices--is everything done through the Internet?


Lulu said...

I was just passing by your post and decided to see what it was about, then I came apon this entree. So I understand it as you are saying that Canada (Here's a quote)"And do they have no local offices--is everything done through the Internet?" What is this sopposed to mean? I don't understand, but then again you americans think you know everything!

Bill Harshaw said...


On the faint chance you may revisit, US farm programs are administered through some 2500 county offices. For more than 30 years people have been trying to close offices to make the bureaucracy more efficient. And I've posted on the most recent effort. My statement was a quick and sloppy look at Canadian administration of farm programs and assumed a context the casual reader wouldn't know. (I hope I did better in a followup post.)