Monday, October 26, 2009

Environmental Flub

IMHO the climate action people should bite the bullet and admit a failure.  I don't see how you claim "hundreds of thousands" of people demonstrating world-wide, when the supporting detail cites 300-500 demonstrators in the biggest European and North American cities. I realize expecting the truth from the organizers of any demonstration, for any cause, reveals me as hopelessly naive.  But so be it.  I'm just as dubious of the Rolling Thunder claims as the claims.

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Walter Jeffries said...

I'm dubious too. Besides, I wouldn't mind a bit of warming. I definitely don't want global cooling. Even a little bit of global cooling is a big disaster while the maximum predicted global warming is a minor inconvenience. The reality is that the world temperature has swung up and down. Climate change happens. Evolution happens. What is ironic, amusing, sad (pick your favorite) is how much wasted fuel, time and pollution the spend on these demonstrations, conferences and such. Instead they need to make real differences through simple lifestyle choices if they want to cut pollution (a good idea). The best way to lead is to do.