Monday, March 23, 2009

Two Different Earths

There's this earth, as described at Powerline:
Due to the efforts of Heartland and others, the public is beginning to catch on to the cosmic scam that Al Gore, James Hansen and others--mostly not scientists--have been perpetrating. Meanwhile, the Obama administration, seemingly determined to inflict the maximum possible damage on the economy in the shortest time, is trying to ram a cap-and-trade carbon tax through Congress before opposition can be mobilized.
And there's this earth (or at least this America) as described by Joseph Romm at Gristmill (one in which a survey says):
Americans say they are prepared to incur significant costs [to fight global warming], as the figure above shows. In fact, they "support policies that would personally cost them more," specifically (emphasis in original):
I'm not sure, I fear a schizophrenic society.

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