Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good Advice for the New President

We may have shortages of many things, but advice for the new President is not one of them. Here's a bit from a piece in Government Executive
The new president and his appointees must embrace the career executive corps and effectively engage it if they are to meet those challenges. The almost 7,000 career federal executives, with an average of 26 years of experience, competed for their jobs and were selected on merit. They are an absolutely essential link between any administration's policies and agency implementation at every stage. Perhaps most important, they are the key to mobilizing the 1.8 million federal civilian employees (and millions more contractor staff) to carry out both initiatives and reforms of existing programs.
Who wrote it? Only the most objective of people, Carol Bonosaro, who is president of the SES organization.

There's probably a law of economics: the supply of advice rises as the time available to consume it declines;

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