Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Capacity to Love

Having just posted on hate, I should give equal time to love. Tyler Cowan at Marginal Revolution
notes a piece in the NYTimes Magazine (Levitt and Dubner) dealing with research into talent and genius.

The argument goes that rather than genius being a matter of chance and heredity, it's really practice makes perfect, as shown in laboratory experiments, so genius is the ability to practice, and practice, and practice. So that means that genius is the ability to love what you're doing so much that you can endure the work that makes you great.

It makes sense to make, speaking as someone who always is jumping from one thing to another.

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Rabid Rabbit said...

As a musician, I have to agree. Musical genius is not so much the automatic ability to perform music at a glance, but rather the ability to derive pleasure from the constant repetition of practice.

I'm just glad someone else sees that.