Sunday, June 26, 2011

Inefficient Government: If I Were Dictator has a post on changing your address if you're moving. It's a link to a page with a (short) list of links to sites where you can change your address (USPS, SSA, IRS, VA, USCIS.). 

Now if I were dictator, the government would have one place to change your address.

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Anonymous said...

It's terrible that we don't have that here. In Norway, there is one national agency, the Folkeregisteret, that maintains your address, work status, marital status, etc. and all government agencies rely on data held there. In towns across Norway you can go to the same small government office to handle information updates to the civil registry, student loan issues, tax questions, passport applications, or draft induction for young men. Believe it or not, one single person can answer questions on all these issues there. It would take repeated trips to about 10 agencies to resolve these issues in America. I have no doubt that some would see any attempt at having a national civil registry as unconstitutional, an affront to individual liberty, or otherwise an attempt to create a new world order. Good luck at getting to be a dictator, :)