Monday, March 10, 2008

The Two Cultures?

A now mostly forgotten writer named C.P. Snow, Baron Snow to us plebes, made his name in 1959 for talking about "Two Cultures" by which, as a Brit, he meant the divide between literary types and scientists. These days we are more likely to think of red states and blue states.

Here, at the History network is a good piece reflecting on the differences between rural and urban cultures: A Historian Reflects on the Rural-Urban Divide and Election '08 By Daniel Herman
"...ruralites and urbanites have had no use for one another since at least the turn of the last century but they don't necessarily coalesce around timeless left-right oppositions. A hundred years ago, I pointed out to my wife, much of the heartland was not red but bright blue whereas much of urban America was not blue but bright red. One might go so far as to say that the modern Democratic Party that attracts so many urbanites was born in a manger, whereas the modern Republican Party that attracts so many ruralites was born in the caverns of Wall Street." It's interesting, particularly the cat who hides in the cavern.

I'm perhaps also struck because my grandfather worked the rural Presbyterian churches of the Dakotas and Nebraska, a process he alludes to.

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