Monday, September 25, 2006

As Close as I'll Come to Making the Front Page of NYTimes

That's today's article on "generator men" in Baghdad:
"In offices across Iraq, a ritual plays out every morning during the hottest months. Haggard employees drag themselves into the room, mumble a pleasantry or two and slump into their chairs, moaning about what a bad night’s sleep they had: the power went out, the backup generator was broken, the heat was unbearable, the baby would not stop crying, mosquitoes were everywhere.

Inevitably, these grievances, like hornets, will gather in a single cloud of fury and swoop down on one target: the generator man, probably the most vilified figure in Iraqi society after Saddam Hussein."

I was a "generator man" in the Army. We had power (a pun).

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George Buddy said...

Yes probably generators worked in the Army of yore(that's a pun).

But it seems that power generators in Iraq are quite powerless, or at least highly subjected to brown-outs.

Lack of electricity on a steady, dependable basis is probably why we are losing the war!