Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Actively Engaged Regulations Finalized--Is the 30-Year Struggle Over?

FSA published the final rule on "actively engaged" in farming determinations here.
"No major changes are being made in response to comments, because FSA has determined that the comments support the definitions and requirements for ‘‘actively engaged in farming’’ specified in the proposed rule and support limiting eligibility for farm payments. Also, there was no consensus amongst the comments for any alternative payment eligibility provisions that would address the 2014 Farm Bill requirements. FSA has made minor changes from the proposed rule in this final rule to respond to commenters’requests for clarifications of certain provisions"
 With age I've diminished interest and ability in parsing FSA regulations, so I'll leave that to others.

My reference in the title of this post is to the 1985 farm bill, which I believe IIRC added the actively engaged provision to the payment limitation regulations There's been a long political fight over how to define the term.  Perhaps the fight is now ended, given the declining importance of FSA programs, and the focus will shift more to the rules on the crop insurance side?  We'll see. 

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