Monday, March 16, 2009

Vilsack, Congress, and the Pay Limit

Secretary Vilsack is still plugging the changes in payment limits according to Chris Clayton (wrote a letter to the Des Moines Register) and here, despite the fact the House Ag is four-square against
and here

I think (and since I started this 3 days ago, most have agreed) OMB or the Department screwed up the original proposal in the budget--it sort of makes sense that if the Census shows farms with gross income < $500,000 decreasing to tie your proposal to that metric. Except it doesn't, if you know anything about farming or had some history in the farm programs, so I agree with Peterson's guess that it wasn't really staffed with USDA. That aside, if you like the point of the policy, the metric can always be fixed. Use an AGI of $x. Or, adopt my pet idea, a graduated reduction based on AGI, following the EU.

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