Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who, Me Biased?

Not at all. We must not have the full picture of Michael Pollan's garden here. It looks rather small, certainly nothing to match his grandfather's garden, described here, in a piece I like rather better than his more recent work.

Of course, Pollan must be busy flying around the country promoting his books, too busy to maintain the year-round garden that must be possible in California. I'd hate to have his travel schedule over the next weeks, or his carbon foot-print.

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Sara DownToEarth said...

Bill, do I detect a bit of sarcasm here? ;)

Although they don't agree with everything Pollan says, the American Farmland Trust applauds Pollan's letter.

I found it quite thought-provoking and really like some of his more radical ideas, such as the South lawn garden (although I'm not sure it is necessary to be organic)