Thursday, October 09, 2008

Words from France

I recommend the Dirk Beauregard pieces I've "shared" (some day I'll figure out what that means and whether I can do more with it).

Here's one I found interesting--the strategies he used to teach English to french law students (full disclosure: I didn't do well enough in college french to pass the language requirement, had to retake.) I admire the ability to do the sort of thing he describes.

And this one contains this passage, which is fascinating for what it says about the society:

All papers in France are distributed by the state-run, Paris-based company "les messageries Parisiennes" - the company distributes every paper and magazine that exists throughout France, this means that all national newspapers, however big or small are guaranteed a fair national circulation. They will get to ever corner of the nation, from Paris right through to the smallest mountain village. Nice idea. However, when the messageries go on strike, no one in France gets a newspaper.
And this one discusses the experiences of French and English in WWII (based on his in-laws and ancestors' stories).

But read or skim all his posts--he's eclectic, if incapable of spelling correctly.

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