Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some People Are Born Romantics

Most romantics find their satisfaction in praising nature, but some people (like thecottonwife) have an expansive spirit which finds beauty in other things:
"And if the drying shed is close enough to the house (and it is to ours) it provides you with the best sleep you’ve ever gotten. That peanut smell… the sound of the fan… a clear star-filled sky… the windows open… there is no better sleep on earth. I can practically hear my mom and my grandma sighing at the memory of that right now."
Personally, I remember sleeping on the sleeping porch after a late summer thunderstorm, with the rain drops still falling from the leaves of the big maple tree.

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thecottonwife said...

I just Googled myself and saw this. I'm very touched that you consider me to be an "expansive spirit" - truly.

I suppose one has to be a bit of a romantic to believe in the gamble of farming year after year after year...