Saturday, May 03, 2008

Senator Roberts Opines

Senator Pat Roberts is not one of my favorite people. Back in 1996 he was the father of "Freedom to Farm", the bait and switch deal. Sold by the Republicans as a way to phase out farm payments it got converted into the ongoing direct payment program in 2002. (No, I don't know he planned it that way, but any realistic observer of farm programs knew in 1996 it wasn't going to work the way he described it.)

Anyhow, now I've vented a bit, the High Plains Journal quotes him and Rep. Moran as having problems with the way the bill is going. Read it here.

One thing I'll point to, just in case any one from NASCOE reads this--the $50 fee for going to the county office. I understand the logic, but that would be a good way to move farmers from visiting the office to working on-line. :-) That's not what NASCOE would like, I guess.

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