Monday, August 25, 2014

A Different Time: October 29, 1869 NY Times

Happened to run a query on the NYTimes archive (firewall) which resulted in the Oct. 29, 1869 issue being retrieved.  Some the stories, all from the first page:

  • a steamer, the Stonewall, took fire and burned near Carbondate--222 lives lost.
  • the Dublin Fenian Amnesty Association met and criticize PM Gladstone's decision not to release Fenian prisoners.
  • short piece on President Grant and the gold speculation
  • blurb on France--the Press not to be prosecuted for violations of Press law
  • Austrian government censures Prince Metternich for being connected to a duel
  • fires in Scranton (coal breaker), Bath, NY (flour mill) Marion IN (factory) burned.
  • report on a schism in the Mormon church
  • summary of crop report from USDA, "importance of draining and thorough culture"
  • woman's suffrage convention in Hartford
  • two ships sunk on the Great Lakes
  • a report on the movements of President Grant
  • WV elections
  • report on affairs and movements of various bureaucrats and government affairs
  • report on the salaries and expenses of our ministers (ambassadors) abroad, down to the penny.
  • meeting of "colored citizens" sending delegates to the National Labor Convention
  • telegrapher's strik
  • letter to the Secretary of Treasury on taxes and tariffs
The last item covers close to two columns on the front page.  It includes this statement:  "A Cure for Extravagance-- Every member of Congress and SEanator looks upon the public offices of his district as his own especial patronage, and gets appointed thereto, not those who by mental and moral acquirements are fitted for the office, but those whose appointment would be most likely to advance his own interest."

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